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Victor Deveso. Second Mate

Motivated. High-Energy. Focused.

Mr. Deveso has over 4 years working in the Maritime Industry. As an active USCG Second Mate, Mr. Deveso has been an instructor at State University of New York, Maritime College aboard the school’s training ship, T.S. Empire State VI, teaching the students in various subjects including electronic navigation, terrestrial navigation and radar navigation, collision avoidance and theory.

Following the summer aboard the training ship, Mr. Deveso sailed on his USCG Third Mate Unlimited Tonnage Deck License. He has extensive working knowledge of electronic navigation equipment and techniques and is a USCG qualified radar observer. He has experience working aboard the US Navy’s sea-based radar platform, a missile range instrumentation vessel which operates a state of the art radar array. He followed on to work aboard the US Navy’s Hospital ship traveling to several countries providing humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

Mr. Deveso is a Project Coordinator with Alpha Energy working in support of offshore wind installations in the Atlantic Ocean.  Mr. Deveso is performing various studies, data analytics and modeling to asses the risks to marine navigation in and around the installation.


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